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Developer-friendly strata managers (some are a problem)

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What does the term “Developer-friendly strata manager” refer to? Simply, it is the idea that a Strata Managing Agent who has a close relationship with a Developer might not fully assist their client (the Owners Corporation) to take action against the Developer or Builder. This is particularly relevant with building defects, for which there are deadlines by which time certain actions must be undertaken if legal rights are to be exercised, or retained ready to exercise if necessary. It’s important to understand that not all Strata Managing Agents that accept appontments from developers are failing to help their client Owners…

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Solving under-investment in Strata: Governance and Meetings

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Young Strata is a Strata Management Agency that has grown by appointment to clients when they change Agency, rather than by purchasing management contracts from a former agent selling them. Although some clients change agency for price (or more often for value), our experience has been that most Owners Corporations don’t actually change Agency until there is a level of frustration with service or performance. If nobody is in control then nobody is in control You may have read articles or case studies of Owners Corporations choosing to spend money to invest in their strata building to protect or improve…

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