Emergency Repairs

Policy: Emergency and other works undertaken to Common Property

For Strata Schemes that have appointed a Building Manager (or Caretaker), it is normal for repairs and maintenance works to be requested directly through that Building Manager.

It is the default policy of all Schemes managed by Young Strata that do not have a Building Manager appointed, that:

  • Repairs and maintenance works are to be requested through the Strata Managing Agent during business hours.
  • Repair costs arising from after-hours call-outs are payable directly by the party that requests the works.
  • Requests for reimbursement may be submitted to, and determined by, the Executive Committee of the Scheme.
  • The additional costs incurred by requesting works to be undertaken after-hours are to be discouraged, requiring the claimant to demonstrate that the incurring of additional charges was reasonable in the circumstances.
  • Reimbursement requests will ordinarily not be considered without attached proof of payment (receipt), or confirmation of payment from the supplier.
  • Despite not being a commitment to approve reimbursement, the Executive Committee shall view favourably the use of the Scheme’s ordinary supplier for repair and maintenance services of the type claimed.
  • Any additional or supporting information, or exceptions to this default policy, will be visible under “Emergency Repairs” in the “Strata Plan” category on the Owners Portal and/or the Notice Board of the Scheme, including the Scheme’s default Trades for various types of repair works.
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Emergency Contacts

000           Policy / Fire / Ambulance

132 500    State Emergency Service (SES)

132 090    Sydney Water

131 388    Ausgrid

131 909    Jemena Gas Networks

Emergency Trades


0419 637 557    Lewy’s Electrical

0411 264 996    MPV Electrical                                           http://www.mpvgroup.com.au/


0411 746 974     NCB Plumbing

0416 330 454    Draincare (Alternative Plumbing)         http://www.draincare.com.au/


1300 366 488    Integrity Security                                     http://www.integritysecurity.com.au/  

1300 661 638    Buffalo Locksmiths                                  http://www.buffalolocksmiths.com.au/

Roof & gutter

9868 7919       Kintyre Building Services                          http://www.kintyrebuildingservices.com.au/

Fire safety

9693 5353         Synergy Fire and Security                        http://www.synergyfs.com.au/

9956 5121          FireSafe Solutions                                     http://www.firesafesolutions.com.au/