Our Approach

Serving Residential and Commercial Owners Corporations in Sydney

The approach at Young Strata is simple: Do everything how you would want it to be done if you were the client.

Service Definition

We believe the Strata Managing Agent’s role is to serve the Owners Corporation, the collective interest, by:

  • Supporting the Executive Committee with responsiveness and professional competence,
  • Promoting transparency and effective communication both 1) within the Owners Corporation, and 2) between the Agent and the Owners Corporation, and
  • Respecting the needs of all stakeholders – Lot Owners, Occupants (tenants), and other Suppliers alike.

Responsiveness - Capability and Capacity

A great breadth of skills is required to assist clients with a wide range of requirements, spanning: accounting & financial, building & construction, compliance, disputes, defects, contractors’ services, and even internal politics. As an owner-operated agency, with tailored pricing which ensures that the agent is motivated to assist, Young Strata is well placed to serve your needs.

Proactive Approach to Reducing Repairs and Maintenance Costs

We seek to achieve the best outcomes for clients by:

  • Supporting proactive maintenance,
  • Encouraging the Executive Committee to meet and decide how to proceed with complex works, when required, and
  • Implementing an “After-hours emergency works” policy which deliberately discourages behaviour that would otherwise increase avoidable costs. Deliberately Different.

Advocate for the Client’s interests

Young Strata takes its role as an Agent of the Principal (the Owners Corporation) very seriously, and we work with like-minded suppliers to provide value to our clients. Contact us to discuss our partners for service delivery.

Young Strata does not provide Property Management (Managing Agent), or Building Management services. We can work with the Lot Owners’ and Owners Corporations’ chosen suppliers, and believe that the inherent checks and balances of having independent service providers is ultimately beneficial to the client.

Best-in-class Software

Young Strata believes that best-in-class software is an essential tool for us to deliver efficient services, as well as offering the best client experience to the Lot Owner. We welcome you to learn more about the functionality that Owners can enjoy with their Scheme under the Management of Young Strata, at http://www.stratamax.com/Owners.aspx